SBB Care in Development

Projecten aanvragen

The aim of the Bishop Bekkers Foundation (SBB) is to maintain the memory of bishop W.M. Bekkers, the bishop of ’s Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands, by acting in his range of thoughts. The SBB administers a fund, which gives financial assistance to persons with an intellectual and/or developmental disability, with the intention of offering them scope to develop. From the nineties until today, the supporting attention of SBB is for the sole purpose of ‘poor’ countries in Africa, Asia, Central and South America and, since 2000, the countries in Central and Eastern Europe. The screening of the applications for financial assistance is based on this checklist. Therefore, applications for financial assistance need to be well presented and well founded regarding the following aspects:

Name applicant :
Contact person:
Telephone number:
Fax number:
Email Address:
Bank account number:
Account holder:
Postal code and city:
Bank name:
Bank address:
Postal code and city:
Please mention below towards which area (country, region or city) the application is oriented:
The application for financial assistance is aimed at:
Please mention below the activities the financial assistance is needed for:
What amount of money is requested from SBB?
In what space of time can the intended plan or project be realised?
8. By way of illustration the plans, the following documents will be attached:
Is the application for financial assistance of this plan or project (or a part of it) presented to another organization? No
Is this the first request for financial assistance to SBB? No

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